We all know it’s true but now, businessman, investor, and “Shark Tank” star Kevin O’Leary is saying it bluntly: he told the CNN morning show hosts that Democrat-led states are “uninvestable” because they are “punishing people if they’re successful,”

as our sister site Townhall.com writes:

“I don’t put companies here in New York anymore, or in Massachusetts, or in New Jersey, or in California. Those states are uninvestable. The policy here is insane; the taxes are too high,” O’Leary explained, adding, “the regulatory environment is punitive. I had a project in Upstate New York behind the grid in Niagara Falls for electricity — a global data center we were building. Eventually, it got so bad with the politicians in the local region and the state policy we moved it to Norway and all the jobs.”

O’Leary said that he had a conversation with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), telling her that businesses were moving out of her state because of being overtaxed.

‘You are punishing people if they are successful, you overtax them, you hit them with a super tax. New Jersey, what a mess! New York, uninvestable,’ he told the Democratic Senator.

When O’Leary went on to explain on CNN how New York is uninvestable, host Kaitlan Collins claimed he’d likely get some pushback from the folks in New York.